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Ninja The Mission Force is back with a vengeance in season 2!

posted Mar 25, 2013, 5:13 AM by Viktor Zólyomi
Some of you may recall a fun little web show called Ninja The Mission Force from last year. If you missed it, it's a comedy show making fun of and paying homage to cut-and-paste cinema, well worth checking out. If you have seen the first season, you'll be pleased to know that the second season is finally finished and out on DVD. Brad Jones returns as the evil ninja Bruce, climbing out of his grave and proclaiming that he will conquer the world. Again. With his old rival occupied in the Antarctic, a new ninja called Cheetah Lee played by Allison Pregler must step up to face the threat of the Evil Ninja Empire. This premise is a pretty good indication that season 2 will be just as much fun as the first one was. Read more here.