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Mister Jake's Contorted Mind: Pro Wrestling Explained

posted Jul 10, 2013, 5:09 AM by Viktor Zólyomi
In Episode 6 of his web show, Mister Jake explains professional wrestling, detailing why you should cheer the bad guys and boo the goody-two-shoes pansies. We're not quite sure what's up with the rock and the brush though. Enjoy!

For those of you wondering what happened to Episode 5 and whether Mister Jake lost count again, have no fear, it wasn't his fault and it's on its way. We uploaded it 2 weeks ago on schedule but unexpected technical difficulties on youtube have forced us to delay the public launch (some of you can certainly guess what "technical difficulties" mean). The episode should be made available by the end of July. Stay tuned!

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Mister Jake's Contorted Mind: Pro Wrestling Explained

Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for anything Mister Jake thinks or says.