Episode 26 - Very Bad Things

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With a title like "Very Bad Things" the last thing you expect to see happen are good things. So when a movie going by this title opens up with the premise of a wedding and the inevitable bachelor party that precedes it, and its poster features Christian Slater standing beside the bride with a chainsaw in his hand, you just know that someone is going to die a horrible, horrible death. Dear prospective viewer: you don't know half of it.

Very Bad Things is the story of a couple who want to get married in the wake of a bachelor party that went horribly wrong. Kyle Fisher, played by Jon Favreau, and his friends go to Las Vegas for a stereotypical bachelor party which leads to an accidental death. Things quickly get out of hand when one of Kyle's friends Robert Boyd, played by Christian Slater, nominates himself to be the problem solver of the situation and proceeds to plan their cover-up of the accident with stone cold efficiency. A chain of absurd scenes follows and bodies start piling high, while Boyd remains the calmest of them all, firmly believing that such things happen all the time and there is nothing to worry about. In the mean time, Kyle's bride-to-be Laura, played by Cameron Diaz, proves to be every bit as stone cold as Boyd himself as she thoroughly insists on going through with the wedding as planned despite the grim events casting a shadow over the upcoming union.

Don't let the description scare you off. This is not a slasher horror film. Very Bad Things is a sick and twisted movie to be sure, but it is still a comedy. It is a tale of irresponsible people, some of them larger-than-life jerks, getting themselves into bad situations that are quite simply their own fault, making it easy for the audience to laugh as fate catches up to them in darkly comedic ways. Much of the comedy stems from the group having to cope with what they did in Vegas. It is rather ironic that they would easily get away with it if it wasn't for their conscience stirring things up between them and leading to an increase in the number of corpses they leave in their wake. Appropriately, the deaths in the movie are a good mix of gruesome and darkly hilarious, especially one near the end involving a set of stairs.

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The cast features comedic veterans such as Daniel Stern and Jeremy Piven, all of whom get plenty of good moments in the film, though it is Christian Slater who gets to shine the most in the role of the borderline psychotic Boyd. He alone keeps his cool after the first death scene and his stone cold explanation of his plan to bury the body in the desert puts him in stark contrast with the rest of the gang which includes a workaholic family man, his annoying brother, and a soft spoken mechanic, all of whom are rightly terrified of the situation along with Kyle himself. Not Boyd though. To him a dead body is merely an inanimate object to be transported from point A to point B. His utter lack of morals is a constant source of dark comedy throughout the film, as is the reaction of his friends to his ideas of problem solving. Not to mention his interactions with the bride, which are better off not spoiled here.

Upon release the movie received a mixed response which is reasonable given that a story like this will certainly not be everyone's cup of tea. If you're a fan of dark comedy and like the idea of a stone cold borderline psychopath trying to save his friends from jail after a horribly botched bachelor party only to find his efforts leading to piles of dead bodies while an insensitive and materialistic bride wants to get married so damn much that she wouldn't even mind contributing to the aforementioned mountain of corpses in order to get the wedding under way, then this movie is for you. Go check it out!

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