Episode 23 - Surf Nazis Must Die!

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Move over Space Nazis, here come the Surf Nazis! Why? Because Surf Nazis must die! Does that answer make no sense to you? That's because Surf Nazis must die! What is your favorite color? Surf Nazis must die!

In case you're not able to make any sense out of the previous paragraph, watch the trailer of the movie called Surf Nazis Must Die and you will understand everything. Yes, this is the title of a movie. Surf Nazis Must Die is an exploitation film by Troma Entertainment, an independent filmmaking company famous for such classics like Killer Condom, Redneck Zombies, Tromeo And Juliet, and the Toxic Avenger series. As such it's an over-the-top film that does not take itself too seriously.

Surf Nazis Must Die trailer

The story is that the beaches of Los Angeles are overrun by surf gangs and after a nasty earthquake that leaves the area in ruin and keeps the police too busy to patrol the beach, one particular gang called the Surf Nazis try to take over the entire beach by any means necessary. Things go from bad to worse when they kill a black guy whose elderly mother swears revenge and starts hunting them down, hence the title.

So the story is rather simple but it's the characters that make it memorable. Chiefly, the Surf Nazis. These guys are about what you'd expect from a surfer gang, though don't expect the sophisticated adrenaline junkies of Point Break. These guys are so blunt they name themselves after the Nazis of history, with names like Adolf, Eva, and Mengele. True, one of them is called Hook, but that's just because he's missing a hand. Original, isn't it?  To make matters even more absurd Mengele and Adolf constantly bicker and Eva even calls Mengele an asshole in her very first scene in the movie. And then there's Eleanor Washington, the elderly black lady who takes it upon herself to exterminate the Surf Nazis in a hilarious parody of blaxploitation cinema.

Interestingly, for an exploitation film this isn't as violent as one would expect. Yes the violence does kick in eventually, there's even a decapitation by motorboat scene in there, but the first half of the movie is relatively low on violence. Perhaps that's why famous movie snob Roger Ebert walked out of the cinema after the first 30 minutes of Surf Nazis Must Die. What can we say, he shouldn't have. While the first half of the movie can be a bit boring to watch the crazy characters keep you interested just long enough until the good stuff finally kicks in, except of course if you're a snob like Ebert. Seriously, he missed the best parts by walking out!

Speaking of which, the very best part of the movie is not its over-the-top premise or its darkly hilarious characters, or even the ridiculous violence in the last act. It is the music. Composer Jon McCallum created a fantastic masterpiece of a score that stands out from start to finish. If for no other reason, watch this movie for the music. If you like the tunes in the trailer, you'll love the score of the movie.

While no where near as great as Iron Sky, Surf Nazis Must Die is still a fun flick to watch. If you enjoy films that take a ridiculous concept and run with it, and if hearing the title makes you smile, this is definitely a movie you shouldn't miss. Why? Because Surf Nazis... you know the rest.

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