Episode 21 - Jack Frost

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What better way to celebrate the snowy New Year than with a movie about a psychotic killer snowman?

Jack Frost, not to be confused with the Micheal Keaton movie of the same title, is an over-the-top horror comedy the likes of which you've probably never seen before. After all, how could anyone possibly take a killer snowman seriously? Killer clowns, sure, but a snowman? That, right there, is the genius of this movie. Because its premise is so over the top the movie knows there's no point even trying to pretend otherwise. The end result is 90 minutes of cheesy guilty pleasure that will truly please any fan of dark humor.

The story is like that of any typical B movie: simple and makes very little sense. Psychotic serial killer Jack Frost is being transported to his upcoming execution when, due to a snowstorm, the transport van collides with a tanker truck transporting genetic materials. Jack tries to escape in the confusion but ends up meeting his demise as the contents of the tanker pour over him. Instead of dying however, he is reborn as a mutant killer snowman. The explanation in the story is that the human soul is a molecule and the acidic genetic material in the tanker extracted this from the serial killer and fused it with the snow, creating the living snowman. Of course, bad things start to happen as the serial killer turned mutant snowman decides that revenge is a dish best served cold and goes after the small town sheriff who arrested him, butchering anyone who gets in the way in cold blood. Pun intended, on both accounts.

Jack Frost Trailer

So begins the carnage as the living talking killer snowman plows his way through a small town spewing one liners, killing people left and right in surreal ways. Eventually a pair of so-called FBI agents also show up to add their own classic one liners (chiefly, the classic "need to know basis" one liner by the aptly named Agent Manners) and quirky attitudes. All this leads up to an epic battle between the townsfolk and the killer snowman involving, among other things, blow dryers, a furnace, and antifreeze.

If you've read this far and you've not yet cracked out in laughter there's something wrong with you (not to mention we're surprised you even read our website). Yet if you need more convincing that Jack Frost is a must see, we'll just mention the most famous scene from the movie: at one point the killer snowman encounters a horny teenage girl in a bathtub and literally humps her to death while totally inappropriate jolly music is playing, and of course Jack cracks a one liner at the end. As stated above, a must see.

Jack Frost was filmed in 1996, released in 1997, and panned by critics who utterly and completely failed to appreciate its B movie charm. They criticized the story, the acting, as well as the special effects, mainly the unrealistic and hardly scary depiction of a living snowman. Over the years however Jack Frost has garnered a cult following and rightfully so. If you have a firm understanding of what to expect and you're entertained by this sort of thing, Jack Frost is an absolute blast to watch. Yes it's a B movie, yes the plot is nonsensical, yes the one liners are as cheesy as they come, yes the characters are as clichéd as they come, but all that is exactly what makes Jack Frost entertaining. Most importantly, this film is not to be taken seriously. Indeed, how could it? It's a movie about a killer snowman. It takes a special kind of stupid to expect deep drama from this film. As far as we're concerned it's an excellent horror comedy, well worth your time if you love dark humor. It's no Army of Darkness production-wise, but its entertainment value puts it in the same league. Go watch the trailer, if you like what you see there, you'll certainly enjoy this flick.

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