Episode 20 - Seven Psychopaths

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Some movies have synopses so batshit crazy you just know you have to watch them once you've read them. Others don't even need a synopsis to achieve that. Such is the case with Seven Psychopaths. If the title is not enough to make you want to see this movie for some weird reason, perhaps the cast will which includes Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, the always awesome Christopher Walken, and the man who knows all about psychopaths, Mickey Knox himself, Woody Harrelson.

The story kicks off with Marty (Colin Farrell), a struggling writer who wants to make a movie about psychopaths called Seven Psychopaths but is struggling with inspiration, especially because he doesn't want to make it violent. Meanwhile his friend Billy (Sam Rockwell) and his buddy Hans (Christopher Walken) are making money by kidnapping dogs from people, then waiting until the owners offer a reward  for the safe return of their dogs, then returning the dogs and cashing in on the reward. Problems begin when they kidnap the Shih Tzu of Charlie Costello (Woody Harrelson), a psychotic mob boss who will stop at nothing until he gets his dog back and slaughters everyone who had something to do with the kidnapping.

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As if one psychopath wasn't enough of a problem, several others turn up including a guy who walks around with a white rabbit to heat things up even more. The result is 110 minutes of outrageous entertainment littered with dark humor, witty dialogue, and memorable characters.

Seven Psychopaths comes from the creators of In Bruges. The movie is a fine balance between deep dialogue, twisted humor, and outrageous action. Some moments in the movie are quite suspenseful, such as Charlie's visit to the hospital, which adds additional layers and complexity to the movie. The characters are quite complex, even the over the top villain Charlie who, for the most part, is your stereotypical psychopath but he has a soft side and genuinely cares about his dog. The most complex character of them all is undoubtedly Billy, but we won't go into details for reasons you'll understand when you see the film. One thing we will say is that Sam Rockwell steals the show in Seven Psychopaths. Take nothing away from the others though, especially not Christopher Walken who not only does a fantastic job portraying the man of peace with a past of violence but also delivers yet another awesome monologue for our viewing pleasure.

If the movie has any flaws it's that a few of the key moments in the story are absurdly predictable. In particular there is a key plot element near the end of the movie which is very subtly foreshadowed but anyone who doesn't miss that two second shot will see the aforementioned plot element coming a mile away. Worse, another key moment near the end is very blatantly spoiled within the first ten minutes. Still, a couple of things will certainly take even the most experienced movie goers by surprise, so all is balanced out in the end, just as Marty himself intended in his own movie.

Seven Psychopaths is a profoundly entertaining flick, easily a contender for movie of the year. It certainly is one of our favorites of 2012. Anyone who likes dark humor should find great pleasure in this flick. Fans of Quentin Tarantino, Guy Ritchie, or the Crank films will especially not be disappointed.

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